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Unity Candle Stands

What are unity candle stands?

During many wedding ceremonies, there takes place the lighting of the unity candle. This is a ceremony where the bride & groom each use a taper candle (previously lit by the mothers) to light the center pillar candle together. The resulting flame symbolizes their unity. This process often includes three candles - one pillar (the unity candle) and two taper candles. To make the ceremony easier to manage and to display it all in a beautiful way to the guests, a unity candle stand is often used. Unity candle stands come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes.

Unity candle stand styles

Most unity candle stands are designed to hold three candles - one pillar (the unity candle) and two satellite candles used to light the pillar candle. Some stand styles are designed to be a single piece with a center plate for the pillar candle. Sometimes this center plate will include a "spike" that pokes into the bottom of the candle to help secure it. Not all stands will have this, nor is it required. Other stand styles are multiple pieces so each candle has its own stand. Materials that stands are made from include metal plated in silver or brass, glass which can be engraved, as well as other materials such as molded resin.

Which candles fit stands?

Many unity candles are within a standard size. For example, most pillar candles are in the 3" diameter range so most unity candle stands accommodate those candles. Most tapers have a standard base size, so again, most stands hold most tapers. Exceptions can occur in cases where niche styles are designed. For example, if the unity candle is square, it will most likely not fit round stands without having the corners extending beyond the round candle plate.

Can I give a unity candle stand as a gift?

Yes, but you may consider confirming the bride & groom are actually having a unity candle ceremony in their wedding. If you would like to gift a stand to someone, you may consider gifting them the actual unity candle set as well to ensure the items match. Another thing to consider when gifting any wedding item is that it coordinates with their wedding theme and personal tastes.

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